Meta Meta Cube,Opening a new era of system development

The model runs through the whole process from original requirements to software functions, making the project R & D process more standard and efficient. Highly automated code generation

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Development automation, one click to complete the system development

  • Model Creation

    Following the UML modeling idea, the business model is created through the analysis of the actual business, which truly reflects the business problems that the system should solve, and helps the demand analyst to find the real value of the system.

  • Automatic Transformation

    The model is directly and automatically converted into code, which reduces the degree of human participation, reduces the impact of developers' subjective intention on the project, liberates programmers from crud, reduces the project cost, and eliminates the demand error.

  • Online Experience

    After the model is automatically converted into code, it can be deployed on the Meta Meta Cube cloud platform with one click, and generates the version 1.0 that can be used for practical application immediately, so as to quickly experience the convenience brought by Meta Meta Cube!

  • Download Code

    Meta Meta Cube provides code download and source code delivery to meet the secondary development needs of users. It optimizes the user experience, develops special functions and makes private deployment on the existing system functions.

Subverting tradition and coming for customization

  • Customize the scheme, generate schema customization It supports the customization of the scheme and the individualized definition of the architecture to adapt to the individualization of the application.
  • Built-in multiple architectures, application multiple options Provides a variety of complete enterprise-level system architectures that can be switched freely, and a set of models can switch between different architectures to better meet the project's choice of architecture.
  • Model automatic conversion, intelligent engine-driven software artifacts are automatically generated Support model one-click automatic conversion, automatic conversion to generate software artifacts, analysis and tracking of artifact sources, and simple development process.
  • Pure code download Provide a full set of standard code, no restriction code running environment.
  • Automatic deployment One click deployment of cloud platform is provided, and privatization deployment can also be carried out.
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Give prominence to advantages and assist system development

  • Rapidly generate system

    From model to system, automatic transformation, what you see is what you get

  • Flexible response to change

    The model modification is easy to operate, and the system can respond to various requirements at any time

  • High reuse of resources

    Not only models can be highly reused, but even solutions can be reused

  • Virtual team collaboration

    Cloud platform collaborative development, team roles can cooperate across time and space to complete the project

  • High concurrent development

    Support multiple users to change the project at the same time, improve the development efficiency

  • Massive development resources

    Constantly enrich the project template, system architecture, provide strong technical and knowledge support

Cooperative Partner

Team development, roles perform their duties, improve development efficiency and shorten project cycle

Support enterprise deployment and build your own Meta Meta Cube platform

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